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Roman invasion at Bosworth Battlefield

Visitors to Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Roman culture later this month

Two men dressed in armour costumes
Members of the Batavi re-enactment group

The Romans are coming to Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre later this month, where for a whole weekend visitors will get the chance to immerse themselves in Roman culture.

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July, Bosworth’s Roman history will be explored in depth during the 'Discover the Bosworth Romans' weekend, as part of the Festival of Archaeology 2019.

Visitors will get the chance to meet the Romans up close and there will be living history with the Batavi re-enactment group, whose members will show how the weapons, equipment and tactics of the Roman armies changed over time. Roman re-enactors will also be making (and eating) some authentic Roman dishes and playing Roman games and practicing military drill. Visitors are welcome to join in the fun.

Today, Bosworth is closely identified with the Battle of 1485, when King Richard III lost his life and crown to Henry Tudor. But long before that history-changing event, the Romans made Bosworth their home with the site where the Battlefield Heritage Centre now stands housing an important Roman temple, dedicated to the god Mars.

On display will be key archaeological finds from the temple site including some of the iconic horse and rider brooches recovered. There will also be presentations by local experts on the exploration of the temple site, recent discoveries from Roman Leicester and a wider discussion of Roman religion. Plus an introduction to the other temple sites of Leicestershire and Rutland and the case for nearby Mancetter Roman Town being the site of Boudicca’s last stand.

Throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of hands-on children’s activities including a Roman army drill with Batavi, a chance to join Boudicca’s war band and get involved with archaeology with the Young Archaeologists Club and craft activities.

We are very excited to put on this event, with its mix of family activities, hands-on living history and the more academic content of the talks and exhibitions, which will show this fascinating element of Bosworth’s history to a wide audience.

"We have a very engaging programme of medieval living history throughout the year and are delighted that we can also give visitors an insight into Bosworth’s Roman history.

Tickets to the event are £8 for adults, £5 for children and £24 for a family of two adult and two children. They are available to buy on the day or pre-booked online at or by calling 01455 290429.

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