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We are taking the necessary immediate and longer-term steps to support and protect residents, staff and partners. Our focus is on keeping critical services running, particularly those supporting vulnerable people.

Find out more about the support and guidance available, and any changes to our services.

Advice and support on Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Round-the-clock support for most vulnerable

Around 5,000 people supported over Easter weekend

Older person looking out of a window

Front-line social care teams at the county council are going above and beyond to support Leicestershire’s most vulnerable residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working in social care has never been a Monday to Friday role, and the Easter period has proven no exception – with 5,000 people receiving care and support in their house or care home. 

During Easter, just under 240 additional staff members worked across the Bank Holiday weekend, with over 120 staff and managers on standby to provide extra support. 

This included staff from adult learning and library teams redeployed to new roles - such as providing care and support to those in need, working in our customer service centre to make essential calls to vulnerable people, and supporting the  council's care worker recruitment drive.

Across the adults and communities department, more than 100 people have been redeployed into different roles, with a further 15 from across the council also  taking on a new challenge.

These are difficult times for everyone, and particularly challenging for those most vulnerable. Along with many others in the department, I am happy to adapt my role to ensure people remain safe and supported

Councillor Richard Blunt, cabinet member for adult social care, said: “We never expected anything else from our staff - their passion and commitment always goes above and beyond and never more so than now. 

“Our staff want to play their part and that is exactly what is happening, and we thank them for all they are doing, in such difficult circumstances.”

Another important milestone across the council has been issuing employees with equipment, such as laptops, to allow them to continue to work from their own homes.

Here’s a bit more detail on the social care work

•  Adult Mental Health professionals (AMHPs) on call and working closely with partners in the Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust (LPT);

•  Customer service staff providing support, where needed, in processing referrals and advice on support available;

•  Staff in the ‘Discharge Hub’  working with University Hospitals of Leicester  NHS Trust and out-of-county hospitals to ensure timely discharge and care support to people;

•  First Contact Plus working on ensuring that vulnerable people, who have registered for help, are getting the  support they need:

•  Contracts and commissioning staff supporting  independent sector providers to care for people at home and in residential care, including emergency access to Personal Protection Equipment;

•  Recruitment campaign for care workers continued to contact and progress job applications;

•  Social care staff  supporting people  with a Learning Disability and their carers to understand and practice government guidelines on  social isolation and protection;



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