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Scheme to minimise roadwork disruption launched

New permit scheme set to cut delays for motorists

Road workers reading a map

A scheme to minimise disruption for motorists while roadworks take place has been launched by us.

Last month, we introduced a new permit scheme that will give it more control over the works that take place on roads across the county.

Under the scheme, we will have more of a say over the timing, duration and how works are carried out to minimise any adverse impact on motorists.


Roadworks can be a source of frustration for motorists as they can cause delays and disruption.

“Permit schemes have been used in other areas of the country to great effect and we have tailored ours to the county’s particular needs.

“The scheme will give us a better opportunity to reduce the impact that works have on motorists and businesses across Leicestershire.


Anyone carrying out road and street works will have to apply for a permit in advance of works, unless they were for an emergency.

Currently, utility companies only have to give us notice of their intention to carry out roadworks which limits us in being able to control how and when works take place.

We have talked to public utilities, emergency services and others in drawing up the scheme. Permit fees will be set to cover running costs.

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