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School clear zone aims to be congestion-buster

April trial will also encourage more cycling and walking

A school clear zone is to be trialled at a school in Leicestershire in April with the aim to reduce congestion and encourage parents and children to cycle or walk.

The trial will take place at Millfield L.E.A.D Academy in Braunstone Town from Monday, 9 April with the county council’s Access Fund team working closely with the school to promote more active and sustainable travel options.

The school clear zone involves no waiting restrictions being put in place between 8am -9am and 2pm-4pm on streets around the school. The roads within the zone include Hat Road, Freeboard Road, Woodcote Road, Lubbesthorpe Road and Pits Avenue.

Millfield Academy says there has been a catalogue of parking issues on surrounding residential roads, including vehicles parked at junctions, blocked driveways and, most recently, an ambulance struggling to access the school.


Through a grant from the Access Fund, traffic management measures can be put in place to improve a serious problem with congestion around Millfield Academy. We also think that introducing the school clear zone presents an opportunity for children and their parents to consider other modes of travel to and from school, such as cycling and walking


Millfield  Academy has already been recognised with a bronze medal by the national Modeshift STARS schools award scheme for demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

During the trial, 'park and stride' facilities will be available for parents to park a short distance away from the school and walk in with their child. Cycle training and walking initiatives will also be promoted during the clear zone trial for children to get involved in.

Pete Wood, head at Millfield, said: "The school receives regular calls from both residents and parents and carers raising concerns about the parking of vehicles on the roads surrounding the school.

“We have regularly requested that vehicles are parked safely, but the situation sems to have deteriorated, so we support any actions which improve things.”

Parents and residents will be given a chance to provide feedback once the school clear zone consultation period starts.

If  people require more information regarding the school clear zone trial, contact the county council's customer services team on 0116 305 0002 or email

To find out more about how the Access Fund is working for Leicestershire, visit


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