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Schools to be acclaimed for anti-bullying work

Students and teachers from more than 20 schools to attend

Pupils in classroom

Special awards are being presented to more than 20 schools this week to recognise their commitment to tackling bullying.

Leicestershire County Council presents the award to schools who can demonstrate that anti-bullying work is carried out throughout the year.

Since the Beyond Bullying Awards were launched seven years ago, more than 100 schools across the county have received the accreditation.

Teachers and pupils will receive their certificates at the Beyond Bullying awards to be held at the Morningside Arena, Charter Street, Leicester on Wednesday 26th June.

We’re fully committed, as a local authority, to working closely with schools to ensure they have the skills and approaches in place to tackling bullying. I am delighted that so many schools have achieved the award this year and created an environment where all members of the school community feel welcome and safe

The schools have been supported by the county council’s anti-bullying team throughout the academic year to share and develop best practice.


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