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Snibston railway line to make tracks

The project will be completed in stages next year

Railway track at the Snibston colliery site
Work at Snibston continues with the removal of the disused rail track. Pictured l-r are county council leader Nick Rushton, Mike Gough, managing director of Great Central Railway and project manager Julia Keeling from the county council

Work to revamp the park at Snibston has reached another milestone as sections of rail track move to the Great Central Railway.

A new home for the track has been secured, as the Snibston site prepares for a new lease of life.

The disused track, part of the old Snibston colliery mineral line, will be cared for as part of the Great Central Railway’s stock. 

A number of historic locomotives and rolling stock will remain at Snibston, as part of our museum service collection and the site’s heritage features. 

The move lays the groundwork for Snibston Park’s redevelopment, as it connects the town of Coalville through improved access from the town centre with better cycle paths.

We are also planning a new heritage trail, improved country park, a play area, open space and picnic site.

Visitors will enjoy cycle routes, mountain bike trails, a new interpretation of the historic colliery site and a new café at the Century Theatre.

We are also working with the Snibston Heritage Group to provide interpretation and access to the historic colliery buildings and the story of Coalville.

Planned works are well underway and the project is expected to be completed in phases through 2020.

Our bold plans to redevelop the park at Snibston are really gathering pace. 

“I am pleased to be able to work in partnership with our friends at the Great Central Railway so that our colliery track can be looked after for generations to come.

Michael Stokes, from the Great Central Railway, said: “We are very excited to be working with the county council on this project making sure that the track and sleepers are recycled. They will be taken to our Quorn & Woodhouse station for sorting and be used for general repairs, replacing of worn out sleepers and track and to be used in our up and coming future projects. 

“With the Bridge to the Future making excellent progress, the pending arrival of the sleepers and track will help to bring this a step closer.”

The Snibston redevelopment is being led by us, working closely with colleagues at North West Leicestershire District Council and the Snibston Heritage Group.

Pete Smith, chairman of the heritage group, said: “The relocation of the track is commendable as it will allow an important preserved railway to benefit and allow wider public access to the Snibston mine site, Century Theatre and other leisure facilities.” 

Residents can find out more about the planned improvements at Snibston at 

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