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Social value considered when awarding contracts

Contracts set to provided added value for residents

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Businesses vying for contracts with Leicestershire County Council will have to demonstrate that they can deliver extra benefits to local communities, if a new proposal is approved. 

The council’s draft social value policy will be discussed by at next week’s cabinet meeting.  The policy would cover all contracts worth over £50,000. 

The additional benefits that a successful bid would need to include could be social, environmental or economic. Examples could include:

  • An employee volunteering programme that helps a Leicestershire community
  • Working in partnership with smaller local business to support our economy
  • Delivering a  carbon neutral contract
  • Directly supporting a voluntary organisation or community group, with goods or services
  • Work placements or job opportunities for our children in care

By introducing a social value policy, we want to make sure that what has been ‘best practice’ until now becomes standard practice when we award contracts. Ultimately, we want the people of Leicestershire to benefit. 

If we use social value appropriately, it can improve outcomes for our residents, at little or no extra cost to the supplier.


There are many ways that the companies we work with can make a difference to communities – for example, we work with one supplier who provides free office space to the voluntary sector, and another which offers free advertising space to community groups within a local magazine.

We’re open to innovative ideas that benefit our communities and genuinely add real value to our contracts.


The cabinet meets at 2pm next Tuesday (16 October) - watch the meeting online 

There is no strict definition about what social, economic or environmental benefits should include, but in Leicestershire, the benefits should help to achieve the outcomes defined in our strategic plan. These are:

  • A strong economy: Leicestershire’s economy is growing and resilient so that people and businesses can fulfil their potential
  • Wellbeing and opportunity: The people of Leicestershire have the opportunities and support they need to take control of their health and wellbeing
  • Keeping people safe: People in Leicestershire are safe and protected from harm
  • Great Communities: Leicestershire communities are thriving and integrated places where people help and support each other and take pride in their local area.
  • Affordable and quality homes: Leicestershire has a choice of quality homes that people can afford.
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