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Statement on schools

Support being given to schools to help them plan and make decisions

School children

Our cabinet member for children and families has issued a statement about the re-opening of schools.

Following a cabinet meeting earlier today, Councillor Ivan Ould, said:

We want children to go back to school as soon as it is safe to do so. In line with the DfE guidance, schools will make decisions on an individual basis, following a risk assessment, about how and when this will happen and the local authority will provide support and advice where needed.

We know that a number of schools across Leicestershire are planning to open to wider groups of pupils from 1st June onwards, based on plans informed by risk assessments and when school leaders and governors are satisfied that all necessary steps have been taken to make them as safe as possible for children, families and staff.

In line with the DfE guidance, the local authority will not commence attendance enforcement proceedings if parents elect for their children not to return to school during this period.



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