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Stay healthier for life with free health checks

Tests can reduce risk of developing conditions later in life

The county council is encouraging 40-74-year-olds in Leicestershire to make sure they take up the opportunity of having a free NHS health check.

People who are GP-registered are contacted every five years to be invited for one of the checks, which can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia.


By taking action now, a short visit to your GP could ensure you enjoy a healthier life for longer by lowering your risk of developing serious health problems later on


People receiving a letter will find out how to book an appointment, or alternatively, they can request the check by contacting their GP surgery.

Getting a free health check has also been supported by Dr Richard Palin, chair of East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group.

He said: “We encourage 40 to 74-year-olds to get their NHS health check. It’s free, takes less than half an hour, and will help people understand the chances of getting health problems as you get older.”

For more information on what you can expect from an NHS health check, visit

The NHS health check programme in Leicestershire is the responsibility of the county council’s public health department and, nationally, has the potential to prevent 1,600 heart attacks and strokes, 4,000 cases of diabetes,  as well as helping to detect a further 20,000 cases of diabetes or kidney disease.


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