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Stub out your last cigarette this No Smoking Day

Find out what support is available to help you ditch the habit

Quit Ready

Our stop smoking service, QuitReady, is backing this year’s No Smoking Day.
The annual campaign - taking place today - encourages smokers to ditch cigarettes for good, and QuitReady is highlighting the wide range of support available to people who want to quit.
Quitting can be difficult but a huge range of stop smoking aides are available to help - from patches, sprays and lozenges to E-Cigs and online apps.


There’s never been a better time to stop smoking, as there’s more help than ever available for people who want to quit. 

QuitReady’s specially trained advisors will work with you to find the support that best suits your lifestyle.


If you want to join the thousands of others who make No Smoking Day the day they say goodbye to cigarettes for good, then contact QuitReady for free help and support:




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