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Supporting people to improve wellbeing

Information and support to be shared on social media

Five ways to wellbeing campaign artwork

A campaign encouraging people of all ages to look after their mental health and wellbeing has launched today (19 August). 

Developed by the county’s Health and Wellbeing Board, the ‘self-care’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the steps people can take to improve their mental health and wellbeing by signposting them to advice, support and information.

The scheme is based on five evidence-based steps which should enable people to feel happier, more positive and get the most from life. These steps include:

  • Connect - Encouraging people to connect with others, which can help to feel valued and confident;
  • Take notice - Reminding people to ‘take notice’ of what is taking place in the present to enhance well-being;
  • Keep learning - Encouraging people to engage in work or educational activity to learn to help with social interaction and self-esteem;
  • Be Active - Supporting regular exercise, which is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety; and
  • Give - Participating in social and community life, which gives people a higher chance of rating themselves as happy. 

Mental health is something that can affect people at any age.  It is important to highlight the everyday things we can do to enable people to feel happier, more positive and to get the most from life.” 

Information and support on self-care will be shared using social media channels to support people in improving their health and wellbeing now and preventing illness further down the line.

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