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Supporting people to stay fit and healthy

Encouraging people to treat and prevent minor illnesses


There’s a new campaign launching in Leicestershire this week, encouraging people to take care of themselves as well as knowing what’s available to help them look after their health.

The ‘self-care’ campaign aims to support people to build confidence in treating and preventing minor illnesses now, so they don’t need more support further down the line.

The county’s Health and Wellbeing Board is launching an intensive campaign of awareness raising, including social media, which also signposts where people can access advice and information.

Self-care will involve a number of seasonal campaigns, with the first one now launched and concentrating on increasing physical activity levels and eating healthily, which, in turn, can reduce or prevent the risk of diabetes.


Self-care is about the everyday things we can do to improve our health and look after ourselves


Dr Mayur Lakhani, chairman of the West Leicestershire clinical commissioning group, said: “As a practising GP, I am delighted to support this campaign.  I see many patients who with the right information and advice will have the confidence to treat minor conditions and illnesses and feel positive about doing so.

“This campaign will also demonstrate the simple steps we can take to stay healthy and avoid potentially serious health problems occurring in the future.  I encourage people to take a look at the campaign and learn more about self-care.”

The self-care campaign is being launched to coincide with the NHS Self-Care Week, which runs from today (Mon 13) to 19 November.   

More information and support on self-care will be shared throughout the winter period and the campaign will continue into 2018.  

You can find out more here 

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