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Top-notch results for children in care

School children

We're celebrating our children in care's successes

From securing university degrees, to learning how to sail, Leicestershire's children in care are celebrating a successful year.

Achievements during 2016 include two young people graduating from university and six teenagers getting a taste of the high seas on the English Channel.

New figures also show that more young people in care achieved GCSEs at grade C or above, including English and maths, than did so last year - and a number of pupils achieved good A level and key stage two results.

Leicestershire County Council supports around 480 children in its care, and around 250 care leavers and is keen to shine a light on their accomplishments.


Our children in care’s wealth of achievements range from learning new skills, securing academic qualifications and overcoming big hurdles. I’d like to send them my congratulations.

All of these successes are testament to the children and young people’s own hard work and enthusiasm, as well as to the staff, parents and carers involved in supporting them on their educational journey.


The council supports children and young people in care in a wide range of ways, including through a ‘virtual school’. This works with the pupils’ own schools to maximise their educational opportunities, and also organises exciting and aspirational activities, such as university taster days and careers guidance.

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