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Young people secure secondary school places

Almost all young people across Leicestershire have secured a place at their first choice of secondary school.

Young people on laptops

Figures released today confirm that almost all young people across the county have secured a place at their first choice of secondary school.

A total of 88.9 per cent have been offered their preferred option,  5.2 per cent their second choice and 1.3 per cent their third.

 This year has seen 7,513 applications received with an increase of 113 students compared to last year.  A total of 95.4 per cent have a place at one of their top three choices.

Children and parents are being notified about their school places by Leicestershire County Council.

We’re very pleased that almost 90 per cent of pupils have secured their first choice of school and our figures are broadly in line with last year.  These remain encouraging figures, particularly bearing in mind we have more children in the system and parents/children are able to exercise their right to apply for a preferred school place.

 “We also recognise that not everyone has secured one of their preferred choices and advise anyone needing advice to get in touch with our admissions service as soon as possible, to discuss what options may be available to them, including their entitlement to appeal.

Councillor Deborah Taylor, cabinet member for children and families.

On 1 March, secondary school admissions for September 2021 are revealed across the country.

The admissions process in Leicestershire adheres to central government rules and gives parents the right to have an appeal heard by an independent panel.

Parents who applied on paper will receive a letter and those applying online will receive an email about the decision.  To find out more, visit:

There were 7,513 applications received this year, of which:

88.9 per cent (6679) secured their first choice

5.2  per cent (380) secured their second choice

1.3 per cent (95) secured their third choice

95.4 per cent (7079) secured one of their top three choices

4.48 per cent (327) did not secure one of their choices and can appeal or take up a place at an alternative school

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