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Youngsters asked to name new gritters

Schoolchildren recieve certificates after choosing winning entry in Name the Gritter competition
Councillor Blake Pain handed out certificates to last year's competition winners. Pictured from l-r are Isabella Townsend, Easton Szymanski, Ben Rutherford and Megan Foden

Primary schoolchildren across Leicestershire are being encouraged to name three new gritters in time to tackle the winter weather.

We are inviting youngsters to submit names that they’d like to see emblazoned on the sides of the yellow machinery used to clear roads of ice and snow.

The children with the winning names will get a chance to see ‘their’ gritter complete with its name painted on as part of its livery.


I’m delighted with the new arrivals to the fleet. Gritters are a vital part of keeping the county’s roads safe during the winter months.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what inventive suggestions pupils can come up with. This is a great way for youngsters to get involved and learn about the challenges of winter weather.


Suggestions can be sent in by individuals, school classes or the whole school. They should include the name they have thought of, together with the name and address of their school, and the class or child’s name if relevant.

Last year, saw 290 suggestions sent in by schoolchildren, but it was Grittersaurus that caught the judges’ eye. 

Meanwhile, we are well prepared for the possibility of severe winter weather and has 18,000 tonnes of grit stockpiled ready for use. Whenever icy conditions are forecast, the gritters spread roughly 170 tonnes of the special salt and molasses mix each night, covering around 1,300 miles of highway.

Name the Gritter competition

The deadline for entries is Friday, 21 December.

The winners will be chosen by a judging panel and will be announced early January.

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