Buy a cut-price compost bin

Leicestershire County Council is offering residents the chance to purchase cut-price compost bins in a bid to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Gardener planting seeds

Each year, Leicestershire residents throw away over 300,000 tonnes of rubbish into their bins. Over 22 per cent of that is uncooked fruit, vegetables and garden waste that could have been composted rather than binned.

Composting is a great way to turn this organic waste into something useful.


“About 70 per cent food waste in the UK comes from households. Ways to avoid sending food to landfill are not complicated -  people can, for example, store food correctly, freeze leftovers, plan their meals and compost it of course Composting is better for the environment and, if you’re a buyer of compost, you’ll also be saving money.”

Councillor Blake Pain

Home composting is relatively easy to get started with, and items which can go in the bin include grass cuttings, coffee grounds, tea bags, newspaper and cardboard boxes which will all decompose in as little as three months. All fresh compost can then be ploughed back into the garden to provide nutritious soil for budding crops. Leicestershire residents can pick up a compost bin at a subsidised price, from only £10.98 at The bins are made from recycled plastic adding to their environmental credentials.

Residents can also access the support of a master composter if they have any questions. Master composters are volunteers who use their own skills and enthusiasm to raise awareness of the benefits of home composting, including how it can reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfill. Find out more online.

You can contact a Master Composter by emailing

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