Families urged to follow Covid-19 advice as schools return for new term

Infection rates in Leicestershire have hit record levels and following guidance will help keep schools open

Families are being urged to follow school Covid-19 advice

Fresh calls for families to follow Covid-19 guidance have been made as county schools return this week – just as cases hit an all-time high.

The plea to support schools has been made amidst the ‘concerning’ figures and the fact that numbers are continuing to spiral.


“The start of term will undoubtedly result in infection levels spreading  in schools again and because of this we are strongly urging parents, carers and students to be aware of, and follow, the latest advice.

“Schools are doing everything they can to stay open. And we’re urging people to do simple things to support them. Wear a face covering where it’s needed. Continue to wash hands and keep rooms ventilated.

“The single most important thing you can do is get vaccinated. There are still almost 190,000 people locally who are overdue a booster dose, which is essential for protection against Omicron.

“Please continue to test yourselves and your family regularly – this is important as many people don’t display symptoms.”

Councillor Deborah Taylor, Leicestershire County Council deputy leader and cabinet member for children and families

The council has written to parents today, urging them to do their bit and stick to the guidance to help schools keep their doors open.

Many clinics are walk-in, so you don’t have to book. Visit https://www.leicestercityccg.nhs.uk/my-health/coronavirus-advice/corona… for details.

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