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Business guidance

Trading standards information for businesses.

Business advice

Not what you're looking for? see our information for consumers.

We offer business advice to Leicestershire businesses on all the legislation we enforce, including weights and measures, food, safety and consumer protection. Most of our advice is free, but some is chargeable, see our business advice policy.

Before you contact us, see if you can find what you're looking for below:

Product safety

Food businesses

New food businesses may also find the Food Standards Agency's Starting a food business guidance useful.

Animal feed

The feed provided to farmed animals is strictly controlled, it must be safe for animals to eat and not affect the meat, milk, eggs and other foods that our farmers produce.

Animal Health Officers carry out routine inspections at all sorts of feed businesses - manufacturers, transporters, retailers and farmers - to check these standards are being met.

Animal health and welfare

Useful information about the health and welfare of farmed animals (cows, sheep, pigs, deer, goats, poultry etc.)

For concerns regarding other species such as cats, dogs or horses, please contact the RSPCA

You can also find information about horses at World Horse Welfare

If you have concerns about dog breeding, please contact your local district council.

Weights and measures

Age restricted sales

Counterfeit goods

Trading fairly 

Further information

For support and comprehensive advice on starting, funding or growing your business in Leicestershire, visit the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) Business Gateway

Please contact your local district council if you require information about 'premises' licensing, street trading, dog breeding or food hygiene. You can also apply for the licences we offer.

See the HSE website for information about workplace safety.

Please note: We can only assist businesses based in Leicestershire.
If you're based in the city, visit Leicester City Council Trading Standards

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