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Boys Group – Youth Offending Service - Group work

Boys Group is a referral only group that runs for 6 weeks– Sessions often delivered in the familiar surroundings such as a local school/college or in the Warning Zone.This group is open to young people aged 12 -18 years.  The group encourages Young People to work together, to build confidence and self-esteem, giving them key messages to make positive choices and implement changes that will prevent them from offending.The group is run by a team of specialist Youth Justice Workers. Sessions are aimed at teaching young people about making the right choices to keep them free from harm or being at risk of criminal activity.Themes that will be covered in the sessions:•             What makes a man respect, boundaries•             Healthy/unhealthy relationships  - consent•             Anti-social behaviour and sexual health•             Internet safety / Cyber bullying•             Drugs and Alcohol•             Knife crime•             Relationships, anger and anxiety•             Consequences of offending, the law•             Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)•             Managing emotions through boxingBoys group is delivered a positive way which will help build self-esteem for attendees as well as to help them to understand victim empathy.Groups could be subject to changeAttendance at this group is through prior arrangement with Youth Justice Worker and is of no charge.  All referrals are screened by the coordinator and we send an invite to the young, once they are selectedTime:  4pm – 6pm (subject to change)To request more information or to make a referral call 0116 305 0030 or email

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