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Our school
Mackworth House is a mixed gender specialist day school that provides education and care for children and young people with autism. Our school is for students aged between 6 and 19.
Our pupils
All students that come to learn at Mackworth House School have a diagnosis of autism and this is written in to their statement of educational needs. Students may be verbal or pre-verbal and will need help with developing communication, self management and making choices. Students can come to the school from the age of 6 and may stay with us until the age of 19.
Our Motivating and Reinforcing Curriculum
At Mackworth House School, we run a curriculum which is flexible to the individual needs of our students in both its aim and its delivery. With resource rooms rather than classrooms, we bring structured learning into every aspect of our students lives and provide a truly holistic programme for their development into adulthood.
Each of our children are supported on a minumum 1:1 basis. Our students work closely with team of Teaching Assistants and a Curriculum Manager (qualified teacher) who focus entirely on meeting the needs of each individual child.
The Aim of Our School Curriculum
We aim to teach children to:
Develop and use communication, language and literacy
Interact and communicate with a range of people
Build and sustain relationships
Express need and make preferences and choices
Learn from and explore a range of experiences
Increase understanding and knowledge about the environment and world we live in
Participate in academic, physical and social activities
Manage behaviour and emotions

Education, learning and employment
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