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Participation Project - Leicestershire Youth Offending Service

The Leicestershire Youth Offending Service - Participation Project is by Referral Only.The project offers a range of opportunities to positively engage with and capture voice work for young offenders who are in the criminal justice system or involved with antisocial behaviour.Available to Young People known to Leicestershire YOS, live in Leicestershire and aged 10-18 year old.The aim of the Participation Project is to provide a diversion for young offenders; from anti-social behaviour (ASB) and re-offending. Young People are encouraged in decision making process as well as being given the opportunity to become a Youth Advisor.Young People who take this option will be trained and supported to be on YOS recruitment panels. They are consulted of a variety of issues to improve service. Young people are offered accreditation for their volunteering.Key Objectives of the project are:•             To identify young people and engage them in voice opportunities, to prevent offending and reduce anti-social behaviour.•             To work in partnership with agencies, to provide positive voice activities for young people in Leicestershire•             For young people to act as Youth Advisers and positive role models and achieve positive outcomes.•             For Participation Project to work with young people to provide reassurance, build public confidence and work with partner agencies that offer participation activities.The objectives of the programme:•             To focus on young people who want to improve children’s services•             To engage with young people in an effective, supportive and positive manner•             Encourage improvement in the young people’s attitudes, behaviour and perception towards the police, crime and anti-social behaviour•             To educate young people on the consequences of risky behaviours and empower them with opportunities to shape services•             To signpost young people to participation and to further support to deter them from the criminal justice system•             To improve young people’s trust and confidence in the Police and local authority•             To improve young people’s self-esteem and confidence.All the programmes opportunities are aimed at building confidence, making positive choices as well as enabling the Young Person to develop their own personal portfolio.For young people participating in this programme it will:•             Offer them volunteering opportunities to make a real difference to the Participation agenda•             Ensure they develop skills such as self-esteem, communication and team working•             Provide them with positive opportunities that will look great for their C.V and gain an awardYoung people engage in this work are offered a range of different activities for engagement and support is offered throughout, to include transport getting to events.Sources of Referrals•             Cases open to Leicestershire YOS  10-18 year olds, living in Leicestershire•             Young people on current orders can be referred or as an exit strategy to an intervention.•             Partner agencies/self-referral will be considered as the project expands.  If you feel this voice diversion will benefit young person. To request more information or to make a referral call 0116 305 0030 to speak to Vid Jogia, Participation & Group work Coordinator or email

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Blaby, Hinckley and Bosworth, Harborough, Charnwood, Oadby and Wigston, North West Leicestershire
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