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Apply for a parking permit for a business

Businesses located within a residents’ parking zone may apply for a parking permit and visitor parking permits.

Parking permits for businesses are available for:

  • vehicles owned, hired or leased to a business
  • vehicles registered to employees of the business

The maximum number of permits issued per business is the same as would be issued to a domestic residence in the same zone.

This entitlement is irrespective of the size of the business or the availability of off-street parking facilities.

A business run by a resident at their residential address is not eligible for the issue of a business parking permit in addition to their residents’ parking permit(s).


If the allocation of permits to businesses has an adverse impact on the availability of parking for residents, the council reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the parking permits to those businesses.

How to apply

You will need to identify the Residents Parking Zone in which your business is located.  The parking sign in your street will have a zone identifier, the letter Z followed by a number, such as Z3.

All new applications must be accompanied with:

  • proof of business address
  • vehicle registration document (to prove the vehicle is registered to the applicant)
  • a written request on company-headed paper, signed by the company owner

Print and fill out the form:

Parking permits for business application form    Opens new window

Send completed forms including payment and any requested documentation to:

Residents Parking
PO Box 9854

Applications will only be processed if submitted with the correct fee.

Please note that there is no facility for payment in person at County Hall.

We aim to dispatch all permits within 5 working days of receiving your order.


Parking permits for businesses are vehicle specific, however requests for a permit that can be transferred between vehicles may be considered at the discretion of Leicestershire County Council.

Additional parking permits may also be issued to businesses at the discretion of the council.

Change of vehicle

If you change your vehicle before your permit expires, you will need to apply for a new permit.

Print and fill out the form: 

Change of vehicle application form    Opens new window

Send completed forms along with your current permit and proof of your new vehicle details to:

Residents Parking
PO Box 9854

There is a small administration fee payable for the issue of the new permit. Failure to return the original permit will result in the full charge being made for the new permit.

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