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Apply for a trade visitors parking permit

People who live in an area with resident parking can apply for trade visitor permits when work is carried out at their property.
 They must ensure suitable parking arrangements have been made for traders before any work is undertaken at the property.

A trade visitor permit does not guarantee a parking space either directly outside the property or in the parking zone.

Daily trade visitor permits

  • are available in books of 5, up to a maximum of 4 books per year
  • are valid for one zone and for one day only
  • are transferable between vehicles on the day of use
  • cost £10 per book

Long-term trade visitor permits

  • are for use during longer periods of work on a residence
  • are valid for one zone and available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 week periods
  • are transferable between vehicles during the period of their validity 
  • require proof of the work to be undertaken
  • cost £10 per week

Trade visitors must ensure the permit is clearly displayed whilst their vehicle is parked within a parking bay of the designated zone. Failure to do so may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine).

Trade visitor permits are for use by trade visitors only. Private vehicles parked displaying trade visitor permits are liable to a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine).

Visitor permits

A standard visitor permit may be used for a trade visitor. This permit is subject to exactly the same conditions that apply to a private visitor. It should be filled out correctly and is valid for one zone, for one day only, and for the vehicle whose registration number is shown on the permit. Find out more about visitor permits.

How to apply

Applications for trade visitor permits can only be made by residents, their landlords, or the property owners.

Please print and fill out the appropriate form:

Permit application form    Opens new windowOpens new windowOpens new window

Send completed forms including payment and any requested documentation to:

Residents Parking
PO Box 9854

Applications will only be processed if submitted with the correct fee. 

Please note that there is no facility for payment in person at County Hall.

We aim to dispatch permits within 5 working days of receiving your order.


Any abuse of the trade visitor system will result in the refusal to issue further permits to a particular residence or to any residences using a particular tradesperson.

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