Tree Wardens

Tree Wardens are appointed as guardians of your local trees and are also a source of advice and can help you organise a tree planting scheme.

Volunteer with us

Tree Wardens plant, protect and promote their local trees. No training or experience in tree management is needed – just a love of trees and a few hours to spare. Our ambition is to have a tree warden for every parish or community in Leicestershire.


… it became apparent that the people of our parish were passionate about trees. Planting more of them and protecting those we have were by far the biggest environmental concern for residents. Over the coming year we plan to plant thousands helping to improve the visual aspect and biodiversity in our little corner of Leicestershire.


About the role

Watch this video to see what it's like to be a Tree Warden volunteer:


The Tree Warden Scheme gives people who feel that trees and the environment matter an opportunity to:

  • champion local trees and woods
  • plant and care for trees, for example pruning, watering, and giving vital aftercare to local trees after planting
  • support woodland management by rejuvenating local woodlands in need of active management
  • work with local authorities to plant and care for our precious street trees in urban and rural areas
  • set up tree nurseries using local seed
  • survey trees for wildlife, condition and age etc, e.g. ancient trees
  • monitor threats, disease, decay, or vandalism
  • involve neighbours in tree projects, working with neighbouring parishes and supporting private landowners etc.
  • socialise with like-minded people on training and field trips, sharing local enthusiasm for our woodlands and trees
  • support wider initiatives to stop tree and hedgerow decline locally and nationally
  • raise awareness via community outreach and education, e.g. going into schools to talk to young people about the value of trees
  • raise funds and identify suitable land for local tree planting projects

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For more information about how to become a Tree Warden, contact your local parish council, or email