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School transport

School Transport

Home to school transport

Coronavirus position statement on home to school transport - Autumn 2020

Based on Government guidance published, we have published our plans for home to school transport

  • School transport for 5 to 16 year olds 

    Your child may be able to get free transport to school if they live further from their school than the walking distance allowed by law or if you’re on a low income. It will depend on where you live and which school your child goes to.

  • School transport for 16 to 19 year olds 

    Your child may be able to get assistance (with school transport) to go to sixth form or college in the form of a fixed term grant.

  • Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) school transport 

    Your child may be able to get free transport to school if they are aged 5 to 16 and have special educational needs or a disability (known as SEND). You may need to pay for transport if your child is under 5 years old and going to nursery or 16 to 25 years old and going to school or college.

  • School bus routes and timetables 

    School bus routes and timetables change every school year depending upon the locations of eligible pupils. They are sent out with school bus passes.

  • School transport appeals 

    You have the right to appeal if you disagree that your child doesn’t qualify for school transport. You can also appeal if you’re not happy with the type of transport they’ve been offered. You cannot appeal the refusal of a fare-paying place.

  • Replace a lost or stolen school bus pass 

    You'll need to apply for a replacement bus or train pass if your child loses their pass or it’s stolen. You'll need to pay £10 to replace a lost pass – unless your child goes to a special educational needs school or college.

  • Cancel a school bus pass or taxi place 

    You’ll need to write to us and send back your pass to cancel it and get a refund.

  • Parents' responsibilities 

    Guidance and responsibilities for parents regarding school transport.

  • Report an issue with transport services 

    Leicestershire County Council provides transport to schools and other venues for over 7000 passengers each day. Most transport services operate successfully, but occasionally things don’t go to plan and issues can arise.

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