Report a road problem

You can tell us about problems or defects on roads or pavements in the county, such as potholes, through our online form


Severe weather

If you are you contacting us about something that could cause serious harm or pose an imminent risk to health and safety please call us on 0116 305 0001.

You can report most types of problem with county roads or pavements online, this includes:

  • Potholes (contact National Highways to report motorway or major trunk road potholes)
  • Grit bin damage (please note: we do not refill bins on request)
  • Overgrown trees or hedges
  • Damaged drains or manhole covers
  • Damage to road signs (please note - we don't clean road signs)
  • Problems with traffic lights

To report problems in Leicester city please contact Leicester City Council

Report the problem online 

Some problems like graffiti, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles must be reported to your district council. 

(Please note: Leicestershire County Council is however responsible for the removal of 'offensive graffiti' on county bridges, signs etc.)

How we deal with road problems


All potholes need to be classified, before repairs can be scheduled. 

When a member of the public reports a pothole, we will ensure an inspector visits and classifies the problem within 14 days.

The pothole is classified according to how serious it is and this dictates how quickly it is fixed:

Category 1 defects

  • Require prompt attention as they represent an immediate or imminent hazard or a risk of short-term structural deterioration.
  • These defects will be fixed or made safe at the time of inspection, if reasonably practicable.
  • If it’s not possible to fix or make the defect safe at time of inspection, repairs of a temporary, or permanent nature will be done within 3 working days.

Category 2 defects

  • Require attention, but do not represent an immediate or imminent hazard.
  • These defects have a target repair period of 90 calendar days from being reported by the public or will be included within a planned highways maintenance programme.

Grit bins

Request a grit bin 

All requests for new salt bins must be submitted to your local Town, Parish, District or Borough Council:

Find your district council  


All bins are re-stocked at the beginning of the winter season and re-filled as part of a schedule as and when resources and priorities allow. During severe weather our resources are likely to be fully committed clearing priority routes and it is unlikely that salt bins will be re-stocked until the weather improves. We do not respond to adhoc requests for grit bins to be refilled.

Damaged grit bins

Please use the online form to report a damaged grit bin. Where a parish council is responsible for the bin a replacement will only be provided if the parish meet the replacement or repair costs. Where Leicestershire County Council are responsible for the bin we will replace or repair the bin.

Grass, hedges and trees

Grass cutting is scheduled between March and October, but is dependent on weather and may be subject to change.

Hedges and trees in general, are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner, although a small proportion do form part of the highway assets.

It may be worth notifying the adjacent landowner before contacting us, as they might be able to resolve the issue. 

We will ensure an inspector visits and investigates the problem within 14 days.

For grass cutting issues, we will try and get these resolved as soon as possible.

For tree and hedge issues, we will find out who is responsible and ask them to cut back the trees within a reasonable timescale. If they don’t we will arrange to undertake the work ourselves and recharge them.

Weed spraying

There is a weed spraying schedule by borough or district within Leicestershire.