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We are taking the necessary immediate and longer-term steps to support and protect residents, staff and partners. Our focus is on keeping critical services running, particularly those supporting vulnerable people.

Find out more about the support and guidance available, and any changes to our services.

Advice and support on Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Report a street light problem

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing street lights, lit signs and bollards.

Coronavirus update

You'll be aware that, under the current measures to slow the spread of coronavirus, all pubs, restaurants, cinemas are closed for the foreseeable future (leading to a reduction in traffic to the lowest levels since 1955 and the near-elimination of late-night pedestrian activity).

We've taken this opportunity to save energy and carbon during these unprecedented times by switching off these lights at 11pm (an hour earlier than normal). It is intended that the part-night lighting arrangements will return to normal as soon as the current measures are eased. The change does not affect the existing all-night lighting arrangements, which see main routes, junctions, traffic calmed streets and other highway features lit all night.

As always, we are working closely with Leicestershire Police and should the need arise, these lights can quickly be returned to their original programming should they request it.

We're also having to adapt our business processes for the foreseeable future, this means we're currently only able to undertake repairs to existing street lights, lit signs and bollards (until normal service resumes).

During this time please report any issues via our online reporting service.

Our provision of services will be reviewed on a regular basis and may change with immediate effect, dependent on resource availability and national guidance.

We have invested in a central management system that automatically informs us of faults with street lights that have been converted to LED, such as: 

  • not coming on at night
  • or staying on all day
  • as well as issues with power levels that may make the light appear dimmer than usual.

Report a problem

We aim to repair street light problem within 5 days, but it can take longer where specialised traffic management is needed.

Sometimes the fault will be with the electricity supply, in these cases we notify Western Power Distribution and the repair can take up to 4 weeks.

If the fault relates to one of the issues mentioned above, please allow 5 days before you report it. If you see a problem with an illuminated sign or a street light that has had a fault for more than 5 days you can report it to us.

Use the online form to report problems with street lights, including:

  • lamp out
  • sign out
  • sign half out
  • lamp lit during day
  • column leaning
  • lamp obstructed by tree

Report a street light problem

If it is an emergency and relating to a road traffic incident, please call the police.


If you are reporting an incident that could cause serious harm or poses an imminent risk to health and safety, outside the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, including Bank Holidays, please call 07860 569137 - this mobile number is not available during office hours.

Part night lighting

We use part night lighting, where some lights are switched off between midnight and 5.30am. This helps reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and light pollution. Regular reviews with police have shown that, as a whole, part night lighting has not increased crime or road traffic collisions.

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