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Details of how to find a school or college. Make an application for a place and appeal against a decision.

School admissions update

The School Admissions Office Team will be available to parents Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 4pm. The team will be offline to parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays to focus on applications received.

Parents and carers are reminded that the School Admissions Service is extremely busy and contacting the service at peak times may be difficult. We are sorry for any delays you may have experienced - we are working with schools to establish availability of spaces and are processing applications as quickly as possible.

Current open applications

  • First Time Admissions (FTA): The application window for children seeking to start school for the first time from autumn 2023 is now open until national closing date 15 January. National offer date for FTA entry 2023 is 16 April (or next working day).
  • Secondary Transfer (Year 6 to Year 7): The application window to apply for Year 7 entry 2023 is now open. Parents and carers will have received an invitation to apply. The National closing date for Year 7 transfers is 31 October and the National offer date is 1 March (or next working day).

Parents and carers: to maximise your opportunities, apply for three schools including the catchment school(s). It is never advised to only apply for one school, as this increases the risk of disappointment, resulting in upset and having to accept a school much further away.

  • Infant to Junior transfers: The application window to transfer from Infant to Junior school is now open. Parents and carers will receive a letter inviting them to apply to transfer for entry 2023. Always apply for the linked Junior school to maximise likelihood of success. The closing date for infant to junior transfer is 15 January, the national offer date is 16 April (or next working day). Applications for a year-three place in a primary school will not be processed until late summer term, for entry 2023, as it will be considered a mid-term transfer.

A complete list of all schools and colleges in Leicestershire

Information to support parents, carers, and young people who want to know more about the help and care available for young people during their adolescent years.

Find out all you need to know to help your child transition back to school.

Information for parents and carers about our award winning school food service

School terms and holidays for Leicestershire County Council schools

After school and breakfast clubs offer childcare for school-age children and young people before and after the school day. They’re sometimes called ‘out-of-school care’ or ‘kids clubs’. They may be run privately or by schools.

What to do if you want to complain about a school.

Information about the Education Effectiveness Team (EET) and how they can support your child to have the best start in life they can.

You can teach your child at home full-time or part-time. This is also known as elective home education or home schooling.

If you have been issued with a Penalty Notice from the Pupil Services Court Team at Leicestershire County Council, you can now pay this online.

Information and help for schools, governors and staff.

Information for staff that work with children with special education needs, their families, early years providers and schools.

School attendance responsibilities and advice about non-school attendance.

A complete list of all schools and colleges in Leicestershire


Two secondary school children and a teacher, wearing goggles and looking at scientific equipment.

Parents and carers across Leicestershire are being encouraged to complete applications for their child’s secondary school place for entry in Autumn 2023.

An extra £3.6m of support is set to help people this winter- taking the total to £14.8m

An academic trust has been selected to run a new, £8m primary school being built in a rapidly growing Leicestershire town.