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Teen Health 11-19

Information to support parents, carers, and young people who want to know more about the help and care available for young people during their adolescent years.

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Teen Health 11-19 is a new health support service for young people that will launch on 1 September 2022 at the start of the autumn term.

About the Teen Health 11-19 Service

The 0-19 Healthy Together Service has been split into two services and will run as the following from 1 September 2022:

  • 0-11 (up until year 6 of primary school): Healthy Together – delivered by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
  • 11+: Teen Health 11-19 Service – delivered by Leicestershire County Council

The new Teen Health 11-19 Service will launch in September and will be delivered by the council as part of the Children and Family Wellbeing Service.

It is a universal service that will focus on both prevention and early intervention.

Current priorities include:

  • Support to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing with a focus on: 
    • Self esteem
    • Body image
    • Building resilience
  • Supporting healthy relationships 
    • Building positive relationships
    • Reduce violence in intimate relationships
    • Promoting positive sexual health and wellbeing
  • Supporting children and young people to make healthier choices with a focus on 
    • Reducing substance misuse particularly cannabis use
    • Reducing alcohol consumption

Accessing the service

From 1st September young people can access the service by completing the eleven plus referral form.  This same form can also be used by any professional with the young person’s consent. Please note we cannot accept referrals from professionals where it has not been first of all discussed and agreed with the young person.

For general enquiries or advice on referrals please email or phone 0116 305 8727

Teen Health 11-19 Service frequently asked questions

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