Looking after someone

Daughter looking after mum in wheelchair

Find advice, practical and financial help if you're a carer looking after someone

You're a carer if you look after, help or support someone who wouldn’t be able to manage everyday life without your help, and you’re not employed to do it.

National and local advice and support for carers during Coronavirus.

There are organisations and support groups that can support you in your caring role.

What to do if a child or young person is looking after you

If you're 18 and under and you look after someone at home, you can get help with care and your school work.

Being a carer doesn’t mean that you have to give up work.

Find out about financial help you can get as a carer.

If you're a carer, it's important to plan what will happen if you're unable to provide care.

What you can do to look after yourself if you're caring for someone else

Caring can be exhausting, so it's important to have some time for you. This will help you and the person you care for.

If you're looking after a cared for person who lives in Leicestershire, find out if you're eligible.

If you look after someone who lives in Leicestershire and you’re both over 18, you may be entitled to some support with your caring role through a carer’s assessment.

You may be entitled to a carer's one-off or regular personal budget if you’re eligible for the carer’s assessment.


Hands joined together to represent the carers event

Special event to support carers and those who don't realise they're a carer

Carers supporting someone recently discharged from hospital could be eligible

Priorities include identifying and recognising carers quickly