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Breaks for carers

Caring can be exhausting, so it's important to have some time for you. This can be of benefit to you and the person you care for. There are different ways you can get a break from caring by using carer services such as respite or sitting services.

Carer’s community respite

Leicestershire County Council offer a carers’ community respite framework.

This is a group of service providers who can deliver flexible home-based respite, in which the cared-for person can be supported at home or in the community in order to provide a break for the carer at a time and in the way which best suits them.  These providers passed the council’s minimum quality requirements at the time they tendered for these services.

This type of service is often known as a sitting service and can be for a few hours either occasionally or on a regular basis.

If you wish to arrange a sitting service yourself, you should contact the provider direct and they’ll advise you about availability and costs.

Carer's respite services providers   Opens new window

There are other providers offering the same services who are not included on the council’s framework but this doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable.  You should always satisfy yourself that a provider is suitable irrespective of whether they are on the council’s published list or not. 

If the person you care for requires personal (intimate) care, the provider must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. 

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects all care homes and regulated homecare agencies in England and Wales. Search the website for a named care home or agency or enter your postcode to search in your area.

The Care Directory for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is a local guide to care homes, care agencies and care support services.

The National Institute for Care Excellence (NICE) online guide to home care tells you what you should expect from a good service. This is the same whether we're providing the help, or you're arranging your own home care services.

Local day activities

Another way of getting a break is to use a service which supports the person you care for, such as day activities.  

The Local Area Co-ordinators and First Contact Plus may know what organisations provide day activities in your local area. 

Short term care

You can arrange some short-term care for the person you look after by contacting any residential home and asking for availability and pricing.  This is sometimes known as respite care.

Age UK have information and advice on what to look for when choosing a residential care home, including a checklist to download. Opens new window

How can Adult Social Care help?

You can request a care and support assessment for the person you care for.  You don't have to pay for the assessment however, you may have to pay for any services offered.  

You can request a carer's assessment which will look at what information, advice or support you may need as a carer.


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