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Covid - latest information

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country – here’s the latest information on our services.

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Assessment and eligibility for care and support

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If you’re aged 18 or over and live in the county of Leicestershire, you can request a care and support assessment to find out if you have eligible care and support needs.

  • Covid Winter Support Grant 

    The Covid Winter Support Grant (CWSG) has been provided by the Government to local authorities to support families (with or without children) or individuals.

  • Care and support assessment 

    Get a care and support assessment to see if you have eligible care and support needs.

  • Eligibility for care and support 

    We use national eligibility criteria from the Care Act 2014 to identify whether you have eligible care and support needs when we have completed your care and support assessment.

  • Personal budgets 

    Your personal budget is the total amount of money allocated to you to meet your care and support needs, as agreed in your support plan, following your care and support assessment.

  • Someone to speak for you and advise you - Advocacy 

    You can have someone who will support and involve you as much as possible in discussions and decisions about your care and support. They are known as an advocate.

  • Contact Adult Social Care 

    Find the contact details for Adult Social Care and how to make a professional referral.


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