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Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund is provided by the Government to local authorities to support families with children and individuals most in need. It replaced the Covid Local Grant Scheme (CLGS).


Applications for the current round of the Household Support Fund have now re-opened. Applicants who received funding between October and December 2022 will be able to re-apply for additional support, if required.

The fund will close temporarily between Monday 20 February and Monday 27 February. The final date for applications will be Monday 27 March at 9am.

Support available

Food vouchers

  • Households with children - £20 per adult per week, £15 per child per week (for maximum of 2 weeks)
  • Single households - £25 per week (for maximum of 2 weeks)
  • Multiple adult households - £20 per adult per week (for maximum of 2 weeks)

Fuel vouchers

  • Family household - £98 
  • Single household - £56 

Restrictions to the grant

The grant is not:

  • Intended to cover payment of rent or other housing costs
  • To be used for general advice on managing debt and/or finances

At this time only ONE application per household can be considered.

Full details on the support available and any restrictions is detailed in the policy document:


We recognise that all households may potentially be suffering hardship due to the cost of living crisis and we are seeking to provide support from the Household Support Fund to any household that meets its criteria.

Those who may be eligible include:

  • families that have received Free School Meals (FSM)
  • families with vulnerable children aged 0-5 or that may not qualify for FSM that are known to social workers and Children and Family Wellbeing Service, but are not accessing FEEE
  • vulnerable families with or without children
  • clinically extremely vulnerable people
  • gypsy, traveller or show persons and other vehicle dwelling communities


Applications must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a resident of Leicestershire over 16 years old
  2. A family/household with or without children who are experiencing financial hardship, which means that they are struggling to feed their family, to heat their home, or with other household/utility costs etc.
  3. Had their and/or their children’s identity verified by the professional submitting the application, for example, by using a form of photo ID (confirming the lead claimant’s identity) e.g., driving licence, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate
  4. Had their pensionable age verified by the professional submitting the application, for example by using a form of photo ID (confirming the lead claimant’s identity) e.g., driving licence, passport, birth certificate
  5. Had their proof of address verified by the professional (confirming their residence) e.g., benefits letter, bank statement, utility bill, Council Tax bill. If homeless confirmation that they are currently homeless in Leicestershire (from a professional)
  6. Eligibility confirmed by the suitable professional making the application. Evidence of financial hardship could include but is not limited to: difficulties and/or arrears due to inflationary energy costs those who have been made redundant and have not yet received universal credit, or other loss of household income


No direct applications will be accepted. A referral must be made on behalf of applicants, from a professional support worker or agency.

A member of the public who doesn't have anyone to complete a referral should contact a professional that works in the following settings:

  • Registered charities and voluntary organisations
  • Schools/education settings
  • Food banks
  • Care organisations
  • Children’s Services
  • Adult Social Care
  • Housing
  • Revenues and Customer Support
  • Public Health
  • Care and NHS professionals including nurses and GPs. Referrals received from other parties will also be welcomed
  • District and borough councils

Trusted partners and professionals can complete the referral form online.

Successful applications

If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation of your vouchers. Find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:

Food vouchers

If you are in receipt of food vouchers, you will receive instructions on how to claim your vouchers online.

The code must be used to get the full amount of vouchers in one go. The vouchers are valid for three months from the date they are sent to you by Edenred.

If you are struggling to access your vouchers because you don’t have access to the internet or a mobile device to receive and store the vouchers on, and don’t have any friends or family to help, then your vouchers will be sent to the professional submitting your application.

Food vouchers can be used in any of these supermarkets chains and you can choose the most convenient supermarket for you:

  • Aldi
  • Asda
  • Company Shop
  • Farmfoods
  • Iceland
  • John Lewis and Waitrose
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco
Fuel vouchers

If you are in receipt of Wonde/fuel e-vouchers, you can visit the e-vouchers website for helpful advice which explains how you can redeem your PayPoint energy or cash out voucher.

What if there's a problem with my code or vouchers?

If you received a letter from us with your unique code for food vouchers, but are experiencing issues using it on the Edenred website, please contact them on

If you are in receipt of Wonde/fuel e-vouchers and you are experiencing issues, please email

After reading this, I think I’m eligible for Free School Meals, what do I do?

If your child does not currently receive free school meals but you think they qualify, please apply online through the free school meals website as soon as possible. This is the quickest and easiest way for your eligibility to be assessed.

Other forms of support through the Household Support Fund

Direct payments to vulnerable pensioners


If you are experiencing any problems in redeeming your £100 payment from your local PayPoint, please contact the PayPoint team directly on 0330 400 0002 who will be able to assist you.

A direct payment of £100 will be made to any eligible pensioner in receipt of pension credit. The payment is anticipated to be made via an offline method in Autumn 2022.

Food vouchers for families with pupils eligible for Free School meals

Vouchers will be provided to the parents/carers of all pupils who are eligible for FSM. These will be distributed through schools.

If your child attends a Leicestershire school or further education college and is eligible, they will be issued with vouchers to the value of:

  • £15 per child per week over the October 2022 and February 2023 half terms
  • £40 per child for the Christmas holidays
  • £35 per child for Easter 2023 holidays

Leicestershire pupils who attend schools in other areas will be provided with vouchers or in-kind support by the local authority in which the establishment is located.

We will arrange the provision of vouchers for:

  • non-Leicestershire pupils who attend Leicestershire establishments and
  • pupils eligible for Free School meals in independent school provision

Families with children aged 0-5 eligible pre-school aged children in Leicestershire attending early years provision at a childminder, pre-school or day nursery may be entitled to the food vouchers if they usually attend sessions before and after lunch.

Children who reside in Leicestershire, and attend early years provision at a childminder, pre-school, or day nursery and are accessing their 2-year-old Free Early Education (FEEE) or Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) will be issued with vouchers to the value of:

  • £15 per child per week over the October 2022 and February 2023 half terms
  • £40 per child for the Christmas holidays
  • £35 per child for Easter 2023 holidays