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Carer's personal budgets

You may be entitled to a one-off or a regular carer's personal budget if you complete a carer’s assessment.

If you’re eligible for a one-off carer's personal budget, we’ll transfer the money we have agreed into your bank account.  You’ll need to keep receipts of what you have purchased as we may want to check how this money has helped to support you in your caring role.

If you’re eligible for a regular carer's personal budget, we’ll agree a support plan together and how much money that will cost.  This will be given as a direct payment which will allow you to pay for the services yourself and give you more choice and control about who you use.

What happens if I’m not eligible for a carer's personal budget?

We’ll explain why you’re not eligible for a carer's personal budget at this time. However, we’ll still provide you with information and advice to support you in your caring role.

You may wish to find out about benefits and financial support for carers and getting help to stay independent.

If you don’t agree with our decision, please discuss this with the worker who made the decision. They will explain the complaints procedure if you're still not happy with the decision.


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