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New national Covid tiers have been announced

From 2 December, Leicestershire moves into Tier 3 – we're working through what this means for our services and we’ll update our website when we can. In the meantime please check back for updates, and find out more about the new restrictions at


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Pay a School Fine

If you have been issued with a Penalty Notice from the Pupil Services Court Team at Leicestershire County Council, you can now pay this online.

Pay a Penalty Notice for school non attendance

  • If the payment is made within 21 days the penalty is £60
  • If paid after 21 days but within 28 days the penalty is doubled to £120
  • Payments received after 28 days may result in prosecution for the offence and you could be subject to a fine of up to £1,000.

Read the Terms and Conditions below then click the button to the online payment form:

Terms and Conditions

  1. If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, or fails to attend regularly at alternative educational provision, the parent is guilty of an offence under S.444(1) Education Act 1996.
  2. The Penalty Notice gives you the opportunity to pay a fine instead of being prosecuted for the offence given. The amount of the penalty is £60/£120 in accordance with the time limits set out on your notice and no further action will be taken if the penalty is paid.
  3. Paying the notice discharges your liability for the period.
  4. Penalty Notices are specific to the individual they are issued to, not the household. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct Invoice Number is entered and to pay the correct amount.

Pay a School Penalty Notice Online

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