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When it comes to school meals our standards are high and our award-winning service serves up quality, nutritious food.

Assortment of vegetables

Healthy meals

We encourage healthy eating in schools, academies and colleges by offering a variety of nutritious foods.  All our meals include carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables, the crucial elements of a nutritionally balanced diet – and children are taught the importance of each to a balanced diet, so they can make the right choices.

Genetically modified food

It's our policy that schools and colleges we work with do not knowingly purchase, prepare or sell food that may contain genetically modified Soya or maize.

It has also been agreed with suppliers that they will not provide any food containing genetically modified ingredients.

This policy will be regularly reviewed to take into account current research, current legislation and customer needs.

Menus and allergen information

The current menus can be found at the bottom of the page. The majority of schools will be serving one of these menus, however there are some who choose to serve an alternative. Please contact your child's school or visit their website as menus may vary slightly for individual schools.

The price of primary school meal is £2.20 & for secondary school meal the price is £2.40.

Allergy policy

In order to ensure that all special diets are dealt with appropriately, we work with a dietician from the local health trust to compile a Special Diet Referral policy.

Their referral process encourages communication between parents and cooks to create a personalised menu for the child. This will remain as close to the standard menu as possible to avoid children on special diets feeling alienated.

Please do contact your school direct to discuss any special dietary requirements.
See information about free school lunches.

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