Road maintenance

Roadworks in progress

We maintain 2,575 miles of roads across Leicestershire and plan roadworks throughout the year. We're also responsible for gritting roads in winter.

Find out how and where we manage grass cutting with our interactive map. Read FAQs on grass cutting, hedge cutting, weed spraying and edging back requests.

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing street lights, lit signs and bollards. If you see a problem you can report it to us.

Aspects that need to be considered and organised by an event organiser when planning an event.

Brown tourism signs can be used to help guide people to a tourist destination. If your establishment meets the criteria you can apply for signs to be installed.

Report weight restriction breach by a vehicle in Leicestershire.

Residents and businesses can apply to relocate street lights to enable new or improved accesses for residential driveways or junctions for new developments.

Part of approx. £5m of funding allocated from the Department for Transport to assist with Covid-19 recovery and help stimulate the economy and the highways supply chain.

Advance notices under Section 58 of the Act for highways related work.

You can tell us about problems or defects on roads or pavements in the county, such as potholes, through our online form

Improvements are being made to two key junctions on the B590 Rugby Road corridor and a range of highway improvements to cycling and pedestrian provision, parking facilities and direction signing throughout Hinckley are also proposed.

Find up to date information about current and planned roadworks in Leicestershire including road closures, diversion routes and Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO)

Roads across Leicestershire will be treated this summer to help reduce the chance of potholes developing.

The scheme helped to reduce congestion, provide improved transport links and manage the extra travel demand created by the new country park development.

A scheme to help accommodate the extra traffic generated by the Ashton Green development and anticipated growth from future developments in the north of Leicester and in the county was completed in later summer 2020.

Information on the Zouch Bridge Replacement Scheme

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for keeping all roadside drains (also known as gullies), clean and fully operational and a programme of cyclical gully cleansing runs throughout the year.

Apply for a licence or permit to place items such as a skip, scaffolding, equipment or to carry out work on roads in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire’s transport policies and plans aim to deliver a more sustainable transport system that manages carbon emissions, improves public health and safety and supports the economy and housing growth.

Roads in the county that are considered essential for economic activity and key services.

Get information about gritting, flooding and find travel updates when travelling this winter.

Most salt bins are provided so that anyone can treat critical local junctions, slopes and footways during periods of prolonged snow and ice.

A platform for strategic analysis, the PRTM is a bespoke computer-based transport model that provides consistent travel forecast evidence to the transport planning process across Leicestershire with a regional capability.

Additional funding is made available to help improve passenger transport, drive better connectivity, and improve our roads, introducing innovation in the delivery of highway maintenance.


The improvement work will mean some temporary road closures.

Essential road work in Melton starts on Monday 4 March

£238 million has been awarded to Leicestershire from the Government’s Local Transport Fund over a seven year period

Two trees have been planted to create a new community garden space in Hinckley