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Apply for a brown tourist road sign

Brown tourism signs can be used to help guide people to a tourist destination. If your establishment meets the criteria you can apply for signs to be installed.


To be eligible for tourism signing your establishment must:

  • Normally be open for at least 4 hours per day and at least 150 days a year, and be accessible without the need to pre book.
  • Have sufficient amenities for people with disabilities. This includes a disabled toilet where toilets are available, suitable ramping for wheelchair users and designated parking.

There are also a number of specific conditions that must be met depending on the type of tourist attraction or facility. These are explained in the application pack we will send to you on request.

Occasionally we have to reject applications from eligible venues due to the number of signs already in place in a specific location. 


Non-refundable application fee: £170

Sign designs: first 4 signs - £100 per sign, £75 per sign thereafter

You must also pay for construction costs to install the signs. A scheme with 4 signs can cost anything upwards from £1000. As requirements vary depending on each site, construction costs can vary considerably and are paid after the signs are installed.

Although the signs remain the property of Leicestershire County Council, any maintenance or replacement costs are your responsibility.


The process will usually take at least 5 to 6 months to complete. Please bear this in mind when making your application. 


For more information and to request an application pack please contact Highways Customer Services on 0116 305 0001.

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