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Highways permits and licences

Apply for licences to place items, or carry out work on roads in Leicestershire

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Coronavirus update

We'll continue to accept applications for most highways permits and licences with the following exceptions:

  • Applications for Section 50, Street Works Licences, will only be accepted on the basis that the applicant can confirm they have suitable resource, and to update us should that change.
  • Applications for temporary excavations within the highway will only be accepted on the basis that the applicant can confirm the priority of the works and that they have suitable resource to complete the works within the given timescale.

However, we're having to adapt our business processes for the foreseeable future, and in accordance with government guidelines staff will no longer attend on site meeting. This means there may be a delay in processing your application until normal service resumes.

Our provision of services will be reviewed on a regular basis and may change with immediate effect, dependent on resource availability and national guidance.

Private companies must have the appropriate licences and permits issued by the county council to undertake works within the highway. You must also have public liability insurance of at least £5million.

We are the Highways Authority for the county’s public highways. This excludes motorways and some major A-roads, which are the responsibility of National Highways. We are not responsible for any highways in Leicester city or Rutland.

Applications for tables and chairs on the highway - please contact your district council.

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Highway permit scheme

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has introduced a highways permit scheme to further help us minimise the disruption caused by works on our road network.

Anyone carrying out works on the road network in Leicestershire will need to apply for a permit before starting, unless you have an authorised Section 50 Licence. Typically this is utility companies, LCC and anyone that is working on a development for which planning permission has been granted and that affects the highway.

The objectives of the permit scheme are to:

  • Improve journey times and reliability for all road users
  • Reduce congestion caused by roadworks
  • Improve the information available on road works, including advanced warning and duration details
  • Increase the planning and control of works to improve safety and reduce damage to the road

Application process

The permit scheme legally obliges anyone who wishes to perform or carry out an activity (as defined by the permit scheme) to obtain a permit before they start that activity. Permits are typically only applied for and issued to utility companies and our own contractors. Permit applications are normally only accepted through an electronic service called EtoN. However, there will be circumstances when this is not possible. In this instance an application can be made by completing the Permit Application Form below.

The Permit Authority will grant or refuse a permit, including adding any conditions to the works.

Permit fees

A fee can be charged for each of the following:

  • issuing a permit
  • an application for a permit, where the Permit Scheme requires a Provisional Advance Authorisation to be obtained as part of that application; and
  • each occasion on which there is a variation of a permit or the conditions attached to a permit

The Permit Authority will charge fees in accordance with Regulation 30. Current fees are available in the supporting document (below).

Permit Fees do not include costs charged or recoverable by highway authorities in relation to consents or other requirements such as for Temporary Traffic Orders, Notices or parking suspensions related to other works being carried out.

Fees are not charged to generate revenue, although a Permit Authority may cover its costs.


Permit application form    Opens new window

Permit scheme document    Opens new window

Permit scheme supporting document (including permit fees)    Opens new window

Sealed Permit Scheme Order    Opens new window

Permit scheme evaluation report – Year 1   Opens new window

Permit scheme evaluation report – Year 2  Opens new window

Permit scheme evaluation report – Year 3  Opens new window

The Road and Street Works Management Framework Guide sets out what the council expects from all those involved in the delivery of road and street works, and acts as a further supporting document for the application of conditions associated with the Highway Permit Scheme:

Road and street works management – Framework guide    Opens new window

Tourist signs

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