Vehicle access (dropped kerbs)

Find out about applying to have the kerb outside your property lowered, also known as a vehicle access request.

Before you apply

This process is for residencies in Leicestershire. For properties in Leicester city please apply to Leicester City Council.

You will need to find out if the road on which you want to drop the kerb is a classified road, as this will affect whether or not you will need planning permission. To check this, visit zoom in until blue centrelines appear and click on the street you're interested in. A box will appear that will tell you the classification (A-road, B-road, C-road or none).

You must also contact your district council’s planning department to confirm whether planning permission is needed. If required you’ll need to get this before submitting your request to us.

If your proposed access serves; 2 or more dwellings, a commercial or industrial development, or is a single access that forms part of a multiple property development it will not be classified as a domestic vehicle access (dropped kerb), and you cannot apply through this process. You must contact the Infrastructure Planning team to submit a ‘Major S184’ application, email: 

A standard access is 4 dropped kerbs and 2 transition kerbs. Requests for a wider access will be considered, though may not always be granted.

If you have any other questions, please fill in our Customer Services online contact form and send us the details of your enquiry.


There is an initial non-refundable application fee of £150 for an Officer to process the application to assess whether an access will be allowed. This fee must be sent with the application form.

If your application is approved and you choose to use a private contractor (Option 2) then a further payment of £240 (Permit Fee) will be required before the permit is issued.

If you have the works carried out by the County Council (Option 1) then this fee is absorbed within the construction costs.


Apply online

If you choose to apply online the pre-application checklist is included in our online form.

If you answer yes to any of the questions in the pre-application checklist you will be provided with extra information which you should use to consider whether or not you want to continue.

At the end of the online application you will be asked for your payment details to complete payment of the £150 non-refundable application fee.

Apply online for vehicle access (Dropped kerbs)  

Apply by post

Before applying complete the pre application checklist in the information pack. If you answer yes to any of the questions (other than question 6) your application may be rejected. 

Once you have completed the pre application check list and have planning permission for the proposed access (if required), you should complete the application form for vehicular access (Form V.A.2).

Then return the form, with a £150 cheque made payable to Leicestershire County Council for the non-refundable application fee, to:

Customer Service Centre
Highways and Street Lighting
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall

Do not return this form until planning permission has been granted (if applicable)

Technical assessment

An Officer will visit the site and undertake a technical assessment.

If the application is unsuccessful and not approved, you will receive a letter to tell you. Please note that the £150 fee will not be refunded.

If the application is successful and approved, a quote will be sent to you for Leicestershire County Council to carry out the works. You will be then be presented with the 2 options below:

Option 1: Construction Works Undertaken by Leicestershire County Council

If you wish to accept the quotation and want the County Council to perform the work, sign and return the quotation acceptance along with payment for the amount specified in the quotation letter.

Once your payment has cleared, the works will normally be undertaken within 12 weeks.

If you decide not to accept the County Council quote then you need to follow option 2.

Option 2: Construction Works Undertaken by a Contractor of your own choice

You can choose to use your own contractor, but you will need to supply the information requested on form V.A.3 along with the £240 permit fee, proof of £10 million public liability insurance & current New Roads & Street Works accreditation.

If you have chosen your own contractor, the paperwork will be validated, and if all the criteria are met a permit will be issued. You must not allow your contractor to start any works until you have received a letter of authorisation from this Authority.

Officers may inspect completed works on an ad hoc basis to ensure that the specified standards have been met.

You have six months in which to appoint a contractor and complete the works. If not completed in this period, the approval will lapse and a fresh application, with fee, will have to be made. It is essential that you pass the results of the utility searches and a copy of the authorisation from us to your contractor.