Apply for an access protection marking (H-bar)

Find out how to apply for a H-bar marking in Leicestershire.

A H-Bar marking is an advisory marking to remind other road users that they should not block or obstruct an entrance, as vehicle access is required at all times. 

You can apply to have white lines marked on the road in front of your access area.  


This process is for residents of Leicestershire. For properties in Leicester City please apply for a H marking with Leicester City Council.

 Before you apply


Access protection markings cannot be legally enforced; they are advisory only.

Unfortunately, if a vehicle parks on your marking the Council are also unable to enforce their removal.

H-bar markings may not be used as a reserved parking space and any proven abuse in this way would result in its removal.


If you would like an access protection marking, you’ll need to make an application and send payment.

New markings will cost: 

  • Up to 10m - £275 
  • Up to 15m - £310
  • Up to 20m - £340 

To have a marking repainted the cost will be:

  • Up to 10m - £137.50
  • Up to 15m - £155
  • Up to 20m - £170


To apply you must complete the application form below and send it together with a cheque or postal order made payable to Leicestershire County Council.

Please send your completed form and payment to:

Environment & Transport Department Customer Service Centre 
County Hall 

Painting of your H-bar

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, frost or snow may prevent installation.

In order to keep the charges for this work as low as possible, this lining work will be undertaken when we next have a programme of work in your area.

We would normally expect this to be within 3 months, however it can take up to 6 months.