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Covid - latest information

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country 

Following the government announcement on 14 June, we will update what that means for our services as soon as we can.

You can find more information about current restrictions and what you can and can't do.

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Highways works programme

Our highways works programme shows where and when we plan to carry out work, such as surface dressing, on the roads.

This year’s works programme is being finalised and will be published here when complete. If you have any queries please contact

Previous Highways works programme

Highways works programme 19/20   Opens new window

This programme covers 2019/2020 and was updated quarterly. All dates were indicative only and subject to change.

Surface Dressing Programme 2021

Our highways teams will begin their annual road resurfacing programme in North West Leicestershire on 19 April and work their way around the county throughout the summer.

Surface dressing provides the road with an additional protective layer, by sealing the surface with bitumen and stone chippings. The bitumen layer prevents water and air penetrating the layer underneath, while the stone chippings increase the texture of the road surface, helping with skid resistance.

This is vital work to prevent damage to our roads, surface dressing is the most cost effective way to prevent pot holes forming during the harsher winter months. The programme this year will focus mainly on our rural road network so that the workforce can safely maintain social distancing and limit working in busy locations.

Below is the current schedule of works, the work is dependent on warm temperatures and dry weather helping the chippings stick to the road so is subject to change. We appreciate resident's patience with us as we complete these works as soon as possible, advanced signing will be erected at the sites and residents and businesses will be notified prior to work commencing.


Carlton, Congerstone Lane

Castle Donington, From A453 Walton Hill To Hill Top

Castle Donington, From A453 Walton Hill To Hill Top

Chilcote, No Mans Heath Road

Coleorton, A512 From Ashby Road To Loughborough Roa

Coleorton, Ashby Road

Heather, Normanton Lane

Ibstock, Hinckley Road

Measham, Swepstone Road

Nailstone, Grange Lane

Nailstone, Grange Road

Normanton Le Heath, Ashby Road

Normanton Le Heath, Heather Lane

Packington, Normanton Road

Ravenstone, Ibstock Road

Snibston, Melbourne Road

Witherley, Atherstone Road

Worthington, Top Brand


Allexton, Hallaton Road

Asfordby, Welby Lane

Burton Lazars, Melton Road

Cold Overton, Launde Road

Cold Overton, Westmoor Lane

Croxton Kerrial, A607 From Grantham Road Waltham To Lings

Croxton Kerrial, Lings Hill

Foxton, Debdale Lane

Freeby, Saxby Road

Gaddesby, South Croxton Road

Goadby , Palmers Lane

Great Bowden, Market Harborough Bypass

Great Bowden,  Market Harborough Bypass

Great Dalby, Ashby Folville Road

Great Dalby, Station Road

Hallaton, Allexton Road

Hallaton, Horninghold Road

Horninghold, Hallaton Road

Horninghold, Knob Hill Road

Hungarton, Baggrave Hall Road

Knossington, Braunston Road

Launde, Launde Road

Launde, From Wood Lane to Launde Road

Launde, Wood Lane

Loddington, From Loddington Road To Main Street

Long Clawson, Hickling Lane

Noseley, The Avenue

Old Dalby, Paddys Lane

Plungar, Highgate Lane

Queniborough, South Croxton Road

Redmile, Barkestone Lane

Redmile, Sutton Road

Redmile, Wood Lane

Saxby, Saxby Road

Seagrave, Paudy Lane

South Croxton, Baggrave Road

South Croxton, South Croxton Road

Stockerston, Horninghold Road

Stockerston, Knob Hill Road

Tilton, Launde Road

Withcote, Launde Road

Wymeswold, Hades Lane

Wymondham, Edmondthorpe Mere

Wymondham, From Glebe Road To Station Road

Wymondham, Station Road



Anstey, Groby Road

Arnesby, Welford Road

Bagworth, Barlestone Road

Bagworth, Heath Road

Cossington, Syston Road

Cropston, Cropston Road

Cropston, Swithland Road

Drayton, Medbourne Road

Great Glen, Great Glen Bypass

Groby, Anstey Lane

Houghton on the Hill, Stretton Lane

Huncote, Forest Road

Huncote, Thurlaston Lane

Kilby, Fleckney Road

Kilby, Fleckney Road

Kilby, Welford Road

Kilby, Welford Road

Kirby Muxloe, Ratby Lane

Little Stretton, Mere Road

Loughborough, Nottingham Road

Markfield, slip road from A50 Northbound Carriageway

Markfield, slip road from to A50 Southbound Carriageway

Markfield, slip road from Whitwick Road to A50 North

Medbourne, Drayton Road

Narborough, Forest Road

Newtown Linford, slip road from A50 to Whitwick Road

Newtown Linford, slip road from Whitwick Road To A50

Peatling Magna, Peatling Road

Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Cossington Lane

Saddington, Fleckney Road

Saddington, Kibworth Road

South Kilworth, Stanford Road

Stoughton, Gaulby Lane

Stoughton, Gaulby Lane

Swithland, Leicester Lane

Syston, Syston Western Bypass

Syston, Syston Western Bypass

Syston, Watersedge Way

Thornton, Merrylees Road

Thurmaston, Barkby Thorpe Lane

Thurmaston, Barkby Thorpe Lane

Thurmaston, Duck Pond Lane

Thurmaston, Syston Western Bypass

Thurmaston, Syston Western Bypass

Twyford, Thimble Hall Road

Twyford, Tilton Road

Walcote, Lutterworth Road

Wigston, Welford Road

Willoughby Waterleys, Peatling Road

Wistow, Fleckney Road

Woodhouse, Swithland Road



Blaston, Hallaton Road

Broughton Astley, Frolesworth Road

Broughton Astley, Frolesworth Road

Broughton Astley, Frolesworth Road

Carlton Curlieu, Mere Road

Catthorpe, Rugby Road

Catthorpe, Shawell Lane

Catthorpe, Swinford Road

Claybrooke Parva, Woodway Lane

Cold Newton, Park Road

Cold Overton, Somerby Road

Countesthorpe, Bambury Lane

Dunton Bassett, Church Lane

Edmondthrope, Cordhill Lane

Frisby, Gaulby Lane

Frolesworth, Broughton Road

Frolesworth, Broughton Road

Gaulby, Houghton Lane

Gaulby, Norton Lane

Glooston, Goadby Road

Goadby, Goadby Road

Goadby, Horse Hill

Goadby, Peace Hill

Hose, Colston Bassett Lane

Hose, Hose Lane

Houghton on the Hill, Gaulby Lane

King's Norton, Gaulby Lane

Knaptoft, from A5199 Welford Road to Mowsley Lane

Laughton, Mowsley Lane

Lowesby, Park Road

Marefield, Marefield Road

Mowsley, Laughton Road

Norton Juxta, Nob Hill

Old Dalby, Nottingham Lane

Owston, Newbold Road

Owston, Washdyke Road

Peckleton, Archers Lane

Peckleton, Bosworth Road

Peckleton, Desford Field Lane

Peckleton, Desford Lane

Rearsby , Gaddesby Lane

Shawell , from Catthorpe Road to County Boundary

Shawell, Catthorpe Road

Shawell, Catthorpe Road

Somerby, Oakham Road

Sproxton, Saltby Road

Sproxton, Sproxton Road

Swinford, Catthorpe Road

Swinford, Rugby Road

Tilton, Hyde Lodge Road

Tur Langton, Mere Road

Ullesthorpe, Frolesworth Road

Any areas that cannot be completed because of the weather will be added to next season’s programme.


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