Local Transport Plan (LTP4)

Our fourth Local Transport Plan (LTP4) sets out our vision for transport to 2050. It explains how we'll make sure that transport continues to play an important part in Leicestershire's success.

How we aim to deliver the LTP4

We aim to deliver the Local Transport Plan (LTP4) in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 (up to 2030)
  • Phase 2 (up to 2040)
  • Phase 3 (up to 2050)

Phase 1 (up to 2030)

In development between December 2023 to September 2024

This comprises the LTP4 Core Document which will identify the key challenges faced across the county in terms of transport, the strategic vision, the core themes and policies and how these will be implemented. The LTP4 Core Document will provide the strategic case and narrative to aid the development and implementation of the programme for the LTF, and other funding streams, delivering transport solutions across the county.

Phase 2 (up to 2040)

In development between summer 2024 to spring 2026

This will be the development of the full LTP4 which will be in the form of a series of focused strategies, including freight and logistics and aviation, a County Strategic Transport Investment Plan, locally focused Multi-Modal Area Investment Plans, and supporting documents which will set out the transport solutions that are proposed and the programme for delivery and implementation.

The Multi Modal Area Investment Plans will be developed together with communities and partners to identify the local transport solutions which meet their requirements and geographical needs. As well as supporting the development of local plans to enable the delivery of new homes and employment opportunities across the county. 

Phase 3 (up to 2050)

In development between summer 2024 to winter 2026

This will set out the monitoring and review processes and progress based on the LTP to identify success or where greater focus is required. It will also set the council’s approach to a post 2050 vision for the future and horizon scanning to make sure that the council is proactive and can adapt the LTP and transport solutions to accommodate travel behaviour change, innovation, and changes to national policy and guidance.

In May 2022, Leicestershire County Council approved its Strategic Plan (2022 - 2026), which is a core document that has been used to inform the development of the LTP4 Core Document and it has been ensured that the vision and main themes align with all five strategic priorities. It is acknowledged that the current Strategic Plan is being refreshed and it will be ensured that LTP4 follows the latest version.

In addition, the development of the LTP4 Core Document has considered the following strategies:

  • Our Communities Approach (2022 - 2026)
  • Leicestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2022 - 2032)
  • Environment Strategy (2018 - 2030)
  • Net Zero Leicestershire Strategy (2023 - 2045)
  • Leicester and Leicestershire 2050: Our Vision for Growth
  • Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Growth Strategy (2021 - 2030)