Highway adoption status search

Our highways adoption status search tool shows whether or not a road is maintained by the County Council as Highways Authority. It’s not a comprehensive list of all roads in Leicestershire but most are included.

List Of Streets - Highways Act 1980 Section 36(6) & (7)

Leicestershire County Council is required under Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980 to keep an up-to-date record of all highways maintainable at public expense in Leicestershire. This is currently available across two online locations:

  • Highway Adoption Status search tool
    This free search tool (below) provides the adoption status of every known street in Leicestershire excluding most Public Rights of Way.
  • Online map of Public Rights of Way
    The legal record of Public Rights of Way in Leicestershire is the Definitive Map and Statement and is only available on request.

Part Publicly Maintained Roads

The County Council can clarify the status of a part publicly maintained road in relation to a particular property on that road. Please send a plan of the area highlighting the property in question to hre@leics.gov.uk We will reply free of charge confirming whether the property is served by the publicly maintained section of highway. If you require a plan in response, fees may apply.

Highway Adoption Status search tool

Terms of use

This search tool has been prepared using best available information from records compiled by the county council and is correct to the best of our knowledge. It does not constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway, neither is it a comprehensive list of all streets in the county (though many are included for informative purposes).

  • The extent of adoption (carriageway, footway and verge) cannot be inferred from search results, please see highway record enquiries if you require this information.
  • To find out the classification of a named road (whether it is an A, B or C road) please click the street name/description from the search results to open a map.

By using the Highway Adoption Status Search tool you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use outlined above.

Highway Adoption Status search  

Please notify us if you believe any of the information is incorrect.