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Road safety

A flashing speed limit sign

We record accident data for roads in Leicestershire to help us identify accident locations and work towards reducing road casualties.

We also run a number of campaigns throughout the year to promote safer driving.

Report a road problem
  • Safer driving with age sessions 

    If you’re 60 or over and want to feel more confident on the road, a refresher driving session could be for you.

  • Driver education workshops 

    Driver Education Leicester runs courses, such as the National Speed Awareness Course, on behalf of the Leicestershire Constabulary

  • Pre-driver courses 

    We offer Pre-driver courses for people aged 16/17 who are interested in learning to drive

  • Traffic counts and speed data 

    The Data Collection Team can provide data on all types of traffic and pedestrian movements from over 262 Automatic Traffic Count (ATC) sites.


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