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Traffic counts and speed data

The Data Collection Team can provide data on all types of traffic and pedestrian movements from over 262 Automatic Traffic Count (ATC) sites.

Data can be collected by real time observation or captured using cameras and analysed later. Videos can also be used to capture vehicular interaction at busy and congested junctions, pedestrian movements and bus passengers.

Surveys can be manual counts to monitor specific categories of traffic, Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs) for longer term counts or by video capture techniques.

The required output for each survey is different, so the expert knowledge of the Data Collection Team is vital in the assessment of each requirement to ensure the analysis and provision of relevant and accurate data.

Leicestershire County Council has a long history of survey work within the County including the Department for Transport contract. The team of staff including 24 full-time traffic enumerators is proud of its reputation for the provision of an excellent service and high quality data.

The service is quality assured and accredited to BSEN 9001 standards and provided under the County Council’s Data Quality Strategy.

Our services include:

  • Classified Traffic Counts

Using Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) and manual counts by enumerators to record vehicular movements.

  • Speed Surveys

Using hand radar to produce an 85th percentile at very specific survey locations or Speed Detection Radar (SDR) to produce long term covert data including the 85th percentile.

  • Bus Reliability/Occupancy Surveys

Using experienced enumerators to record the punctuality of public transport or the number of passengers using it

  • Cyclist Surveys

Using manual counts to evaluate the number of cyclists using the carriageway, footpath or cycle-track to promote sustainable travel.

  • Pedestrian Surveys

Using manual counts to evaluate the number of pedestrians crossing the carriageway to assess vehicular and pedestrian interaction.

  • Roadside Interview and Bus Passenger Surveys

Before and after studies

  • Provision of historical trend data

Over many years from our large traffic count database holding counts going back 10 years

  • Queue Length Surveys

Using enumerators to record the length of queues at busy junctions either at intervals or recording when a queue reaches predefined length

  • Journey Time Surveys

Using GPS devices and following pre-defined routes we can conduct numerous trips at specific time periods

  • Parking Beat Surveys

Using experienced enumerators or number plate recognition to monitor on and off-street parking, recording the length of stay for each vehicle

Transport trends

Further information

Members of the Data Collection Team are experienced in the organisation of all types of traffic survey work and will be pleased to provide informed and impartial advice on the specification and execution of traffic related data collection.

The Transport Modelling and Data Collection Team is part of the Environment and Transport department at Leicestershire County Council. Surveys or more information can be requested at any time by contacting the team:

Tel: 0116 305 7648

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