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Coronavirus is still a danger

To help prevent the spread and stay safe you can:
• keep a distance from others
• wear face coverings where required
• wash hands often
• get your vaccine/booster when you’re eligible
• regularly test and self-isolate if required

Further guidance on how to stay safe and prevent the spread

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Weight restriction monitoring

Report weight restriction breach by a vehicle in Leicestershire.

Weight restriction orders make it an offence to drive a vehicle through the restricted area where the vehicle exceeds the weight limit imposed (unless they're delivering or collecting within the weight restriction).

We have very limited powers to deal with vehicles who are not abiding by weight restrictions, however this is enforced by the police.

If you believe a HGV to be contravening a weight restriction you can report this to the police by calling 101 providing details of date, time, location (road name or number and village), direction of travel and identification of the vehicle (registration number or company name).  The police may not respond directly but will log and review the contravention and contact the haulier or company to confirm if the vehicle was legitimately travelling within the zone or not.

Or alternatively, if you've witnessed a suspected breach of a highway weight restriction by a vehicle in Leicestershire, you can report this by completing the online form below and this information will be passed onto the police.

Weight restriction incident - online reporting form

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