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New national Covid tiers have been announced

From 2 December, Leicestershire moves into Tier 3 – we're working through what this means for our services and we’ll update our website when we can. In the meantime please check back for updates, and find out more about the new restrictions at


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Covid-19 test sites in Leicestershire

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Salt Bins

Most salt bins are provided so that anyone can treat critical local junctions, slopes and footways during periods of prolonged snow and ice.

All requests for new salt bins must be submitted to your local Town, Parish, District or Borough Council

Find your district council

If you find a bin that is damaged, you can tell us about it.

Requests for new salt bins are only approved where the location meets the following criteria:

  • The road is not on a route we treat routinely before freeezing. This is also know as a precautionary salting route.
  • The road has a steep incline or sharp bend
  • The local Council has met the costs of such provision
  • The local Council has identified an area on the highway suitable for a salt bin or agreed a location with an adjacent property or land owner

Salt is provided for use on the Public Highway only

  • Do not take salt for use elsewhere,  this puts other road users at risk
  • Before severe weather, we ensure all bins are fully stocked with sufficient salt for many treatments of the areas near the salt bin
  • During severe weather, we are fully committed to clearing main routes and we may not be able to re-stock salt bins until the weather improves
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