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Grass cutting

We cut grass on highway verges, central reservations and islands in Leicestershire


The 2017 urban grass cutting season is now complete. Preparations are already underway for next year and cut date information will be available here in March 2018.

We only cut grass for safety reasons, not appearance. Clippings are left on the verge as the sheer amount means we couldn't collect them. Leaving them is also good for the environment, as nutrients get passed back into the soil.

Cut dates

The map below shows cut date information. You can search by postcode or place name to find the grass you’re interested in, then click on it to see when it will be cut. 

If you’re using an older browser the map might not load fully. Please try loading in a different browser.

There are  37 Parish Councils that cut grass in their areas on our behalf.

Contact details are available below (see Villages & Towns maintained by a Parish Council on our behalf).

Frequently asked questions


Motorways and Trunk Roads are cut by Highways England

The A5 / A46 / A42 / A453 / A52 / A50 (J24 towards Stoke) / A14 / M1 / M69 / M42 and M6 are the responsibility of Highways England. You can report a grass issue to them by calling 0300 123 5000.

Urban grass cutting

Grass in urban towns and villages are cut by a 2 man gang using a ride on mower with flail and a strimmer.  Each 2 man gang aims to cut the equivalent of nearly 4 football pitches a day.

Rural grass cutting

Roads in between towns and villages (40mph and above) are classed as rural grass cutting routes, these are generally highway verges between village entry signs. These are cut in a single 1 metre swathe from the edge of the carriageway or footway, to ensure that vegetation does not restrict visibility for highway users.  

Wild flowers bloom in spring

Our grass cutting teams cut around wild flowers, these areas are not cut until around June. For example, a verge with daffodils will only be cut after the daffodil season has died down, which is usually around the 3rd cut of the season. 

Private accesses are the property owners responsibility

A private access is defined as an access that goes back onto non-highway land. When we undertake a single swathe along the route we will continue the 1m swathe across the private access but we don’t cut back the visibility splay around the access, this is the property owners responsibility.

Weed spraying

We spray weeds in late May and late September.

We treat weeds with an environmentally friendly herbicide weed killer called glyphosate, which works on contact with weeds and is harmless to humans and animals. Once sprayed brown spots will start to appear and it takes around 4 weeks for the herbicide to kill the weed completely.

Hedge cutting

Most hedges are privately owned. We only own around 275 hedges across the county and routine cutting is restricted to between October and February to avoid bird nesting season. Hedges are only cut for safety reasons and not appearance, to ensure branches do not overhang the highway or footway not for aesthetics.

Report a grass cutting problem

We do our best to keep to the grass cutting schedule, but sometimes problems like bad weather can delay a cut. When this happens we try to catch up as soon as possible.


Please be aware that we only cut grass for safety reasons, not appearance.

If overgrown grass is causing a problem you can tell us about it. Search for the grass you would like to report using a place name or postcode on the map above. Then select the area of grass to report an issue.

If you cannot find the area of grass you would like to report, it may be cut by a Parish council. A list of contact details is available above, see 'Villages & Towns maintained by a Parish Council on our behalf'. 

Map disclaimer

The grass cutting map is only an illustrative representation of the areas which the Council understands to be its responsibility as Highway Authority. The extent of the adopted public highway was not verified when compiling this dataset, so it may contain inaccuracies.

If you have reason to believe that any of the information is incorrect, please send a plan along with supporting information to the Council’s Highway Record Enquiries team ( where the extent of the highway in the vicinity of the grass area will be investigated.

Please note that the presumption without evidence to the contrary is that any ditches or private boundary features (e.g. hedges) which overlap into the areas shown are the responsibility of the landowner adjoining the highway, and not the Highway Authority.

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