Surface dressing programme

Roads across Leicestershire will be treated this summer to help reduce the chance of potholes developing.

These improvements will help keep the county moving and maintain the condition of the roads.

The works, known as surface dressing, provide the roads with an additional protective layer by sealing the surface with bitumen and stone chippings.  The new layer prevents water and air penetrating the tarmac underneath, preventing potholes, while the stone chippings increase the texture of the road surface. This process improves the resistance to skidding and the chippings increase texture which helps drain away water from the road surface, helping to reduce spray and improving road safety.

The work, which is completed every summer, will be carried out across several months to reduce the impact on motorists.  The work is dependent on acceptable road temperatures and dry weather for the process to fully take effect.

It is hoped that the surface dressing programme will commence in April 2024 and be completed by September 2024 and road users are being thanked for their patience with necessary roadworks.

Any areas that cannot be completed because of the weather will be added to next season’s programme. Residents and businesses will be notified prior to work commencing.

Details of the planned locations that will be treated during the 2024 programme are shown below.